Founded on the premise of bringing ideas to life through illustration and image making, illo picto is a multi-disciplinary studio specialising in connecting through storytelling. illo picto is a creative trio brought together by their common love of picture books. They bring design expertise from gaming, animation and publishing industry together to infuse the power of story in whatever they create.

We are illopicto


A visual storyteller who illustrates the tales of the natural world through his unique brand of wry wit and whimsy. He believes in the draw of storytelling as a means of engagement, creating experiences that simultaneously excite and educate. Particularly interested in heritage and culture, he enjoys working with museums and cultural institutions to encourage learning through the power of imagination and play.
— darelseow.com


An illustrator who draws to make new discoveries, tell a story and connect with people. Looking at life with brimming curiosity, she weaves her observations together with her quiet and mischievous nature to create a world where impossibilities are made possible. Her works have been said to be whimsical and witty with a touch of softness.
— paulapang.com


A multi disciplinary designer and illustrator. He draws inspiration from things that enable us to better appreciate our relationships with our surroundings and people. Owing to his wide range of experience from entertainment, product design to publishing industries, Ben is especially interested in cross-disciplinary collaborations as he currently explores his passion for crafting picture books.
— formistrystudio.com

We love
– Illustration and Design
– Picture Books
– Storytelling
– Multi-disciplinary Installations

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